Doggie Daycare Services

Doggie daycare is much like daycare for children, only the children are furry and don't speak English. Daycare is an opportunity for dogs to play and socialize in a controlled setting while owners are away, either at work or on vacation. Our daycare pups come in all ages and sizes, and our only rule is good times! A dog's first day in daycare begins with a socialization test - this can last up to an hour, and if we don't feel confident in continuing, then daycare ends here. However, if a dog does well and seems amenable, we gradually open up more interaction amongst the group until the new daycare feels like a regular.

It is important to note that because daycare is comprised entirely of dogs from different circumstances intermingling in close proximity that the risk for injury is elevated over isolated stays. Obviously, we work hard to minimize that risk through continued daycare supervision, the initial temperament test and also short timeouts when the need arises.

Our requirements for daycares are the same as for our boarders, so vaccinations are a must! Additionally, any pooches looking to participate in daycare must be spayed or neutered, regardless of age. If your little darling is too young yet to be altered, then we will be happy to wait and try daycare when he or she is a little older. Daycare hours fall during normal weekday hours of operation, so drop-offs after 7:30 AM and pick ups before 6:00 PM are welcome. And reservations are always appreciated - we do have a daily limit on how many dogs we take.